Friday, June 28, 2019

Are We Trying to Decide Which Candidate to Vote For?

Or which candidate hates Trump the most?  Because, you know, if we don't at least stop and piss on Trump's name every once in a while, in public, on stage, in front of TeeVee cameras:

But the complete lack of discussion about Trump’s treatment of women — coming as it did hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi verbally shrugged when asked during a news conference about what she planned to do in response to Carroll’s allegation — also says something about how Trump’s misconduct has been normalized.
Or maybe what's not been normalized is bitching and moaning and whinging and griping about something you CAN'T DO A GODDAMNED THING ABOUT!  Because I'm pretty sure the electorate is looking to elect a President who will do something about the things a President can do, and not to be the National Scold about the current officeholder.

What's being "normalized" is the idea that any public figure we don't like must be called a dick, and worse, every time the red light on the camera is burning.  Feh. 

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