Saturday, June 22, 2019

He's not Blinking!

He has something in his eye!
It just happens to LOOK like Nancy Pelosi!  And it has NOTHING at all to do with blindsiding ICE with his previous tweet announcing deportations!  NOTHING!  This is all perfectly RATIONAL and ORDERLY!  NO CHAOS, NO CHAOS!  YOU'RE THE CHAOS!

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  1. I had my attention drawn to the play lefties on blogs and twitter over this, they were whining and bawling that Nancy Pelosi hadn't demanded that he permanently cancel the raids - as if his word on that was reliable. I strongly suspect that hwne this period is written up, Nancy Pelosi is going to turn out to have been the most important figure in managing Trump, to the extent anyone could do that. Of course, it's not as satisfying as how a script writer would have written it, including much that never would or could happen in real life, such as play-lefties insist on.