Tuesday, June 18, 2019

All the Fake News That Fits

Who can doubt it?


“This is the hardest thing for every surrogate of President Trump and every Congressional Republican to deal with,” Steel explained. “His position is wrong. His position is indefensible. His position, even when he cleaned it up, wasn’t really right.”
“And because it’s so central to the questions about the legitimacy of his election in 2016, the president’s mind can’t be changed about this, which is why everyone who wants to defend him in public has to find their own way of defending the indefensible,” he continued.

“And basically turning somersaults,” Hunt noted.

“I think one of the best examples of this exact strategy came in that lengthy interview that President Trump did with ABC when he talked to George Stephanopoulos about the Mueller report,” Hunt said, playing a clip of Trump making clearly false claims about the findings of the special counsel investigation and refusing to be corrected.

“There is something amazing about the invulnerable reality distortion field around the president,” Steel noted.

“No facts that are contrary to his chosen narrative are ever perceived by the president, and he just — he lives in that alternate universe,” Steel said. “You can’t get him out of it.”

Like, maybe, this?

Well, except local Florida media and even FoxNews agree the arena holds only 20,000.   And that the Trump campaign has announced issuing over 100,000 tickets, although entry into the arena for the rally is first-come, first-served.  Which explains why people are lining up outside by, according to both local news sources, "the dozens."  It's the hype machine meets the marks, in other words.  People with no visible means of support (except maybe Social Security?) with nothing better to do than camp out on the Orlando sidewalks in heat and probably thunderstorms for the pleasure of....well I honestly can't imagine what the pleasure is; but they are welcome to it.  Fools and their (time and) money are soon parted.

And, of course, "MAGA" is so 2016.  Hasn't he done that by now?

Then there's this:
If this sounds familiar, it should:
The NSA pretty much blessed it, and when Trump first saw it he called it "virtual treason" (I guess it's only visible with computer aid?)  If it were "fake news," wouldn't the NSA say so, rather than tell the NYT the NSA knew and hoped, by implication, the Russians did, too?  Of course the really "fake news" is that the government is keeping Trump in the dark because they don't trust him.  Probably with good reason.  But Trump is recycling this now; why?  Orlando rally not enough juice for him?  Stung that his own government doesn't trust him not to spill secrets (you know he would)? Worried what Vlad will say?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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