Sunday, June 23, 2019

Yeah, I don't think AOC did the harm....

Liz Cheney wanted her to do.

“Michael, this week Donald Trump lied to my colleague who asked him about this [immigration] policy and lied that he inherited the separation policy from President Obama and that he ended it, which is just a blatant flat out lie, right?” host Reid proposed. “You have members of Congress saying the Bible doesn’t say we’re supposed to care for the poor. I mean, you actually have a sense of moral disconnections in your party that I don’t understand, and I need your help.”

“Anyone who’s quoting a Bible that says they’re not supposed to care for the poor, that should tell you everything about them and the Bible that they’re reading,” Steele began. “It’s one about consequences — there are consequences for actions, consequences for decisions. and right now we have an administration for the last two years beyond this issue, Joy, or many issues you have covered in detail on your show, there are no consequences for them.”

“So at some point we as American citizens have to help our government to account up and down the line for the decisions and actions they take,” he continued. “And we too as citizens have to account for that.”

Addressing the treatment of the children being held in detention centers, he added, “This is clearly documented abuse. It’s clearly documented mistreatment and it’s clearly documented inhumanity to fellow human beings that’s going on in these centers and we as citizens need to account for that.”
Evangelical Christian Michael Pence wants you to follow the money:

“Last week, legal advocates reported there are horrific conditions for children at the border,” Tapper said, pointing to reports that say children have gone without soap, toothbrushes and other items needed for basic hygiene.

“The administration was actually arguing in court this week that the administration should not be required to give soap or toothbrushes or showers to children detained at the border,” Tapper added. “Aren’t toothbrushes and blankets and medicine and basic conditions for kids, aren’t they a part of how the United States of America — the Trump administration — treats children?”

“Well, of course they are, Jake,” Pence replied with a shake of his head. “It’s one of the reasons we ask for more bed space.”

The vice president, who is an evangelical Christian, argued that the Trump administration will not give soap to detained immigrant children because of Congress.

“Democrats in Congress refused to expand the bed space and the capacity for us to detain people,” Pence complained.

“This is going on right now,” Tapper pointed out.

“It’s one of the reasons we continue to call on Congress to give DHS Customs and Border Protections additional resources at the border,” Pence said.

“This is the wealthiest nation in the world,” Tapper observed. “We have money to give toothpaste and soap and blankets to these kids in El Paso County right now.”

Pence agreed that the money is there to provide the children basic supplies.

“So why aren’t we?” Tapper asked.

“My point is,” Pence laughed. “It’s all apart of the appropriations process. Congress needs to provide additional support to deal with the crisis at our southern border.”
And of course AOC's words brought to mind this:

And we heard about this:
And this:
But nobody is responsible so nobody can do anything about it.  But the worst person in the discussion was AOC.  Until she wasn't.

Funny how that works.

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