Sunday, March 22, 2020

Bailout Inaction

So, $1500 per couple, ONCE.  Nothing at all above $99K.  Another $500 per child (the child deduction is higher than that).  For context, the standard deduction per individual in 2019 is $12,200.  The deduction per child (dependent) is $4050.  So, yeah, "recovery."  Let that sink in and keep it in mind at the end of this post, then consider:

Don't stop, we aren't finished yet:

“The package that the Republicans have drawn up does nothing to help struggling workers,” [Sen. Tammy Duckworth] said. “Struggling workers need help today and they need jobs safeguarded for tomorrow. There are no protections for them. First responders need PPE equipment, personal protective equipment and resources today to our hospitals and our first responders. Nothing in it for them. And instead, it creates a $500 billion slush fund for Steve Mnuchin to hand out loans to corporations as he pleases’s.”

“So do Americans think that this man [Mnuchin, in that leering photo of him holding up fresh cash with his signature on it], this man is going to look out for the well-being of working Americans over the well-being of corporations and corporate CEOs? I don’t trust him,” she said. “Not without oversight. The slush fund proposed in their bill, no Democrat had any chance to put any, you know, requirements into, it does not provide oversights for him. I’m glad the vote is postponed. It needs to be. I urge my Republican colleagues to please allow Democrats to come to the negotiating table and let’s write a bill together that will safeguard Americans, safeguard us in this public health emergency. Safeguard us through this economic crisis.”

This is supposed to be an up to $2 trillion package.  Who's getting the lion's share of that?  Remember the old description of "trickle down economics"?  The horse gets the oats, you get what trickles down.

Yeah, I don't think that's gonna get fixed by 6:00:

And just keep this in mind:

McConnell doesn't want to allow Senate votes by phone; but he may not have any choice.

Ordinary Americans should, but not Senators?  How does that work?

And it's DOA in the House, per Pelosi.
I don't think anything's happened to change that today.

Huh; with the clowns in charge?

Nothin' but good times ahead!

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