Tuesday, March 24, 2020


We start with the fact that Liz Cheney (!) is the sensible one here.  Then we move to media coverage, and the idiotic assumption that whatever the President says must be passed along without comment or context:

And then we must note:

Like this?

But first he has to say "Pretty please with sugar on top."

Yeah, that's where we are; it's where we have been for three years.

Fortunately, we have governors:

Of course, it's still gonna be a shitshow, no matter what:

Except those restaurants won't be open in the first place.  So there's that.  Trump supporters may scream and yell about it, but restaurant owners aren't going to defy local bans, and their employees aren't going to be anxious to work in conditions that might make them sick; if it doesn't kill them.

Trump is simply going to corkscrew himself right into the ground on this one.

That's a terrible silver lining, but it still is one.  It's about all we'll have for awhile:

Yeah; nothing to look forward to here; except we have to stand together, despite the "opposition."  Even they don't deserve this virus.  Nobody does.

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