Sunday, March 22, 2020

Question in the back....

Where are they going to put them? And a follow up: California and New York? And the other 48? Bupkis?
Same question: Chicago? Philadelphia? Atlanta? Houston? Sucks to be you? (Well, alright, coastal cities:  New Orleans?  Biloxi?  Miami?  Houston?  Same question.)
To: New York and California? Seems a reasonable assumption.
There are several smaller cities in Texas with more population than that. (Trump on TV live making sure people know he’s proud of himself and others are, too.)

And now for the utter bullshit portion of our program:
Yeah, those people come to work with masks that aren’t fit for yard work, I’m going home.
Can we hope you’ll be in isolation soon?
Not his call, does he understand that?
Something on which we certainly agree. (He’s spending a lot of this press conference telling us how wonderful he is. Gotta say I usually just read about these on Twitter. I had no idea...)

Harry Truman is often confused with Hugo Chavez.
The Metric that Matters!

Meanwhile, back at the Senate, Mitch McConnell doesn't get his way:

(Rich stuff coming from the guy who promised to make Obama a one-term president.) O, the humanities!

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