Sunday, March 22, 2020


Does he think they need permission?  Does he not understand the powers of the Defense Production Act?

Rhetorical questions, obviously.

Not according to them, you aren't.

See what he did there?  When in doubt, give it a racist nickname and pwn the libs!  Sorry, "fetch" is not gonna happen.

Who is this idiot, and what color is the sky on his planet?


He has no idea how, and no one competent left in government who can tell him; or just do it, in spite of him.

No, mostly it's happening because 3M is profiteering over masks it has sole production of, and raking in big bucks from desperate hospitals. It was described to the FEMA head on MTP this morning, and his response was: "If you can find it on the open market, buy it!" I'm not kidding.
He was so uninformed and unable to inform it was clear Trump attracts the most useless toadies imaginable.

Trump is doing to the country what he did to his six failed businesses.
Good to know he's keeping busy, huh?

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