Monday, March 23, 2020

Jared Kushner is in charge. Be afraid; be very afraid

WSJ is behind a paywall I won't pay to pass through, but the title in that picture is priceless.  Pay Americans NOT to work?  Or pay Americans because we've told them not to work so more people don't die?  Seems to me there's a significant difference there; though probably not to the editorial board of the WSJ (the same people who probably cheer Michael Bloomberg dropping his huge staff of campaign workers like so many used kleenex).

Yeah, how's that working out?

So, at the end of the 15 day period, we'll be No. 1 (with a bullet) in terms of cases?  What do we do then?  Say "Okay, that's enough cases!," and ignore the sick and infected?

It's not just the cruelty, it's the insanity.

Declaring the "all clear" in another 8 days will produce scenes like that all across the country.

That's the ideal alternative, but it's not available to us, either.  However, Trump's "solution" will crash the economy AND the healthcare system. But he can't see that; all he can see is what's on the TV screen in front of him:

Our salvation may well be our multiple sovereignties.  You know, the governments who actually have to bear the burden of a wildfire pandemic, which is what we'd get if Trump had his way.
States rights, bay-bee! History may not repeat itself, but it is ironic as hell.

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