Friday, March 27, 2020

"Invoke P"

That was last night.

This was this morning.  "Invoke P"?  He explained that:

But who is he talking to?  He already signed the statement enacting the powers of the DPA.  Does he think this tweet is the directive to GM to comply with that law?  How?  What do they do?  Or did he know this last night, and was that why he told Hannity New York didn't need so many ventilators?

Nobody needs 'em, but praise us, we're gonna get 'em! Just can't say anything right now!  Tune in tonight for the big reveal!!!!

So New York doesn't need them, but some (how many?) have been delivered and New York is hoarding them?

We are in the hands of a complete moron.  And frankly, this is as scary as fuck:

Yeah, I know, we all hate "Big Oil."  But fracking made domestic production possible and spared us some of the vagaries of the world oil market.  Maybe that wasn't such a good thing, though, because it's the world market that's shutting down domestic oil production.  Which will only lead to even more unemployment, btw, so factor that into the future.  The scary part is Trump fails completely to understand that.  IF the entire country could go back to work tomorrow without spreading disease like a wind blows leaves, the domestic oil industry would still be crashing because the cause is not people staying at home, the cause is Saudi Arabia fighting with Russia.

We are so completely screwed.

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