Monday, March 23, 2020

Continuing the Argument a Moment

Because while human beings see numbers like this and commiserate with the mourners, people like Stephen Moore look at these numbers and argue a death rate of 1.2% is not enough to destroy an economy over.
But the number of cases cited by Jake Tapper today, represents a jump of almost 9000 cases since yesterday:
Now let's make that rise steeper and faster by telling people to go back to work.

This is a numbers game in terms who will be affected, not in terms of who is going to die.
Yeah, thanks, I really feel the love.  But my Millenial daughter is at high risk, too.
You gonna tell me she is non-productive and is too expensive to maintain?

We cannot lose this fight to assholes.

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  1. If those are their criteria, we could wipe out all of the billionaires and millionaires and their heirs, that would dispose of the most high maintenance part of the population. Trump and his tribe, certainly.