Sunday, March 22, 2020

He's Still Talking!

And at a time when people might actually be listening.

I'm reminded of the story (maybe apocryphal, but knowing Gramm, probably true) of Phil Gramm running for the GOP nomination and visiting the houses of rabid Gramm supporters in New Hampshire, as one must do.  The story was that aides had to drag Gramm out of said houses, because they could see the "What the fucking hell?" facial expressions as people came to know what a truly repellant personality Gramm was (Why do you think Texas sent him to D.C.?  We do the same with Cruz; even Texas isn't big enough to tolerate such people around.  And we don't think that much of D.C., to boot).

Trump is having his Phil Gramm moment, as all but his most rabid supporters (who are a minority of a minority of the electorate anyway) see what a truly empty suit he is.  He talks blithely of the economy taking off "like a rocket" in a few weeks (more likely June or July before this is over, if then; and then the displacements of jobs and other industries where plans had to be cancelled or postpone and calendars will have to be rewritten, contracts lost, etc.) to people now unemployed and able to watch this bullshit on live TeeVee, people who don't have jobs and won't have jobs again anytime soon and know it, and they get to see Dear Leader and have to be thinking:  "Holy fuck what an asshole!  What a raving ignorant moron!"

Because it just ain't that hard to see.  Especially to the majority of us who don't watch FoxNews religiously, and aren't usually free at this hour to watch TV because weekends mean work, too, or mean getting shit done before work tomorrow.

This is a man who shouldn't be allowed anything sharper than a rubber ball.

Trump is gonna wish he'd never stepped in front of a TV camera.

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  1. Oh, NH has had its share of absolutely repellent personalities, John Sununu and is family, Meldrim Thompson, some of the worst psychopaths in its state legislature and Senate,and then there are the ones it has sent to Congress. Some of them I can't remember the names of. Kelly Ayotte.