Saturday, March 21, 2020

Liars and Narcissists In Charge

Someone who works in one of the larger hospitals in New Hampshire told me today that last week they had a meeting in which they were told Governor Sununu had been lying about the known number of cases in New Hampshire, that they actual numbers were many times higher than those he was releasing. And that was a hospital with professionals informing their staff. Lies kill people.
Notable in Nate Silver's tweets is the number of positives (11.2%, at the highest) in those tested.  This is not a "disaster movie" where everyone drops in the streets like flies.  Over 10% is bad, especially for those infected, but it's not every person tested/exposed.  If we had the real numbers, the simple truth, we might be more confident that our response is helping slow the spread (a spread that probably happened long before we knew covid-19 was here).  We might also understand the importance of what we are being urged to do (shelter in place, hunker down, just fuckin' stay home!) But so long as GOP (why is it always the GOP?) officials are lying about this, what hope is there?
A reminder of why we all despised John Bolton before we thought he was going to save us by turning on Trump (quick question to Mr. Bolton:  how does "holding China accountable" help anyone in the world right now?  Italy and France and Great Britain and the U.S. would like to know.)

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