Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Fool Speaks For Himself

I saw Joe Biden on MTP this morning.  I'm still not a Biden fan (he was never my first choice).  But to listen to a former Senator and VP speak intelligently about the workings of government and how it functions, was a tall glass of iced tea on a Texas August day.

So my fervent hope is that Trump is right about his ratings, and that more and more of the public is seeing what a yammering fool he is, how utterly out of his depth he is, and how incapable he is of understanding the suffering of any one person in this country, much less millions of them.  If we're lucky, he'll even repeat this praise of himself tonight.

Because in contrast to that, all Biden has to do is to discuss what needs to be done.  He did it this morning without invective or animosity or anger.  He simply spoke to the problems at hand and what needs to be done about them.  He didn't speak to Trump's incompetence and idiocy.  He is wise to let that speak for itself.

And Trump is fool enough to keep speaking.  Even Hugh Hewitt on MTP this morning had to praise everybody (he did include Trump), because he knew if he praised Trump alone the entire panel (no matter how distant in space they were from each other) would come down on his head like a ton of bricks, and even NBC would probably have nothing further to do with him (why they have him on at all remains a mystery).  For Hewitt, his praise of Trump was actually quite measured; almost muted.

Especially if Trump mentions this tonight (how can he resist?), this point will become obvious to many, many Americans.

Reality is catching up with Trump on all sides.

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  1. The play-left are presenting Biden as a drooling, senile, p***y grabbing sex molester. Oh, he's also either the tool of or the brains behind the great DNC conspiracy to deprive a non-Democrat the Democratic nomination.

    I know Biden would appoint competent people to run things and step back as happens in other countries not run by "reality" program actors. As can be seen in those quotes, that is what his mind is controlled by, the conventions of false substitutes for reality that come from the entertainment industry