Monday, March 23, 2020

Where Do They Keep Getting the Shovels?

(My daughter would thank me if I offed myself so Denver could lift its lockdown. Aside from the fact she’s as much at risk as I am. Younger people don’t have any more immunity than I do. Idiot.)

(to rustypickup:  thanks for the link.  I saw this tweet just before I read your comment.)

(Further correction:  I didn't edit the sentence, but I was speaking sarcastically about my daughter wishing my imminent death.  My point, lost in my lack of eloquence (or punctuation; that sentence should have ended in a question mark), is that death is not a choice we make for ourselves.  Suicide is never not an act of selfishness, because of loved ones left behind.  Patrick acts like we'd all thank him for a sacrifice he has no intention of making (and how could we, he wouldn't be there to hear), and his grandkids would be glad Grandpa was dead so the stock market would recover.  I dare say they don't agree with him, and it's an appallingly selfish thing to claim, especially since it doesn't cross his mind to get sick and refuse treatment to be a martyr to the Dow Jones.)

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  1. Ugh. Very sorry to hear about your daughter. You’re invaluable to this world as a source of rare insight and learning. Even if you weren’t if wouldn’t be right to off you, obviously. People matter, not ideas or things - or markets.

    The young and the conservatively inclined are blind to the dangers here, and like Falwell Jr. they’re intent on taking us with them. God help us all.