Thursday, January 21, 2021

If I Could Get Somebody To Grade The Papers

I already ignore the e-mail...


  1. How very Hogwarts. I wonder how much money the college or whatever gets from a course whose professor is teaching it doesn't need paying. I wonder if the teaching assistants who did all the work knew he was dead. I've had teachers where it wouldn't have been easy to tell.

  2. UT-Austin Freshman English was notorious (I didn't do undergrad there, I'm going on hearsay) for enormous classes (200+, according to legend) where the professor (a low-ranking one; the faculty regarded Freshman english as ghetto work; this, as a graduate student there, I can attest to) came in, lectured, and left. TA's handed out the assignments and graded them. It was your initiation rite into tenure; you had to suffer the indignity of teaching the unwashed (i.e., non-English major) masses.