Saturday, January 23, 2021

Well, I Guess If His Predecessor Had Had Another 100 Days

By all accounts the distribution of covid vaccine is a complete cluster-pluck (!), but now WaPo wants to make it sound like Trump wasn't doing that badly? Or that Biden isn't doing that much? Given how Trump squawked and belly-ached about being held responsible for things he was actually responsible for (the nerve of some people!), and how f*cked the distribution has been, isn't it rather comforting that somebody says the job will actually be overseen at the highest levels and competently carried out?

Or should we focus on the fact that, with two whole days under his belt, Biden hasn't promised to vaccinate twice as many people as Trump in half the time?  Of course, he could extend Trump's assertion that "we have it under control."  That, too, was a goal set by his predecessor.

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