Sunday, January 24, 2021

Is Trump’s Threat, Well, Threatening?

I want to start there because, even if Trump had fired the acting AG and prompted a mass resignation, it would have been a crisis in the DOJ and a political blunder making Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre look like a garden party, but it wouldn’t have been a “Constitutional crisis,” much less a coup attempt. What Trump was attempting was another way to the Supremes, but he was never gonna get there and he was a horrible President, with or without that final evidence.

The other scary bedtime story is that Trump will start a third party if the Senate doesn’t agree to fold again. 
And besides: Yeah , Trump could do something if he wanted to. But “something” would require more than a tweet, and he can’t even do that now. He’s an ex-President, a one-termer. That’s as spent a force as American politics has. And Trump is no Clinton, no Obama. He’s not a natural politician. He was a fluke, a creature of a moment that has passed. Trump isn’t even Nixon; he won’t make a comeback, or, more laughably, be a king-maker. And the majority of the Senate knows this.

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