Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Cornyn Also Wondered About Evidence In The Senate Trial

I know Republicans can talk around evidence like this, which I'm sure will be presented in the Senate trial. I half-heard a GOP Senator/Representative (?) interviewed by the BBC talking about how Trump didn't "incite" the Capitol riot, probably because he used the word "peacefully" in his speech that day (it's the most popular defense at the moment).  And as I said before, if you atomize Trump's speech trying to find the precise word that inflamed the crowd, you won't find it.  But even if GOP Senators ignore the "totality of the evidence," I think that evidence being presented for the nation to see will be the albatross around the neck of the GOP for a long time. That's one question they could face; the other is their defense of the government and the nation against sedition. If you're not going to defend the nation now, then when will you? I’m not sure the Republicans can convince the country January 6 never happened and Trump was never there. It will be interesting to see them act like it really didn’t matter.

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