Monday, January 25, 2021

Bad Sitcom Ideas

The premise here is that two people are a reflection of the country, representative of the whole. 165 million people think Trump was cheated, 165 million think Biden won according to methods used since our independence.

Except we all know that isn’t true. It's not even vaguely true. I know a lot of people who vote Republican. I don’t know anyone who thinks Allen West makes sense, much less buys the nonsense that is Q-Anon. And yet lazy media narratives march on. We are a "divided nation" based on the screamers who get the most media attention.  Gotta fill the column inches and idle minutes between the top of the hours with something, I guess.  And reduce every complex problem to something so simple a toddler could grasp it.

There's a reason the fallacy of reductio ad absurdum was recognized.

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