Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Aren’t These Guys Supposed To Be Good At This?

John Cronyn thinks this is so clever he’s been repeating it every chance he gets.

I just assume he doesn’t mean we should impeach dead Presidents (persons or money), so that leaves Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. The purpose of impeachment is to remove an office holder, or to bar them from ever holding federal office again. Impeaching ex-Presidents only makes sense if you can bar them from holding office again. Jimmy Carter only served one term, so I guess you could bar him from running for the Presidency again; though you’ll have to hurry, Mr. Carter isn’t getting any younger. Clinton and Obama can’t be POTUS again, and haven’t shown any further interest in public office. 

So what is this threat again? “Don’t make us act like children. Don’t make us get all petulant on your ass”?

Yeah, that’s a good look.

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