Monday, January 25, 2021

Paying Rent

This kind of story is how some people let Trump live rent-free in their heads . “What if” is the game some people play to keep themselves up at night. So: what if Trump had “secret pardons” in his pocket?

Well, the longer he holds onto them, the less valuable they become. Not less valid, perhaps; but more subject to examination.

Are the pardons even valid? How do we know? What hallmarks indicate they were executed before noon on the 21st? How do we know, in other words, such “secret” pardons weren’t prepared just before he produced them?

Trump might think any delay is good, but proof of fraud is another nail in his coffin, not a minor victory. He’s going to be up against governments; they can stay in court as long as they need to. And they can examine a pardon very carefully, to be sure it’s valid; and then challenge the validity of a self-pardon.

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