Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Question Is:

Do you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your “metadata”? And the answer is pretty much: “No.”

So no search warrant needed.

And that’s probably why the memo wasn’t classified, 

IIRC, listening to your phone calls is barred (absent a warrant). Knowing who you called and how long you talked? Fair game. That record is not yours or created for you. Odds are, you don’t even know it exists. So, it’s not private. 

Didn’t we have this discussion a few years ago?


  1. Pen registers. Never heard the term before Constitutional Law class. Never heard it since. But I guess it's still the law.

  2. That was it! Thanks. I think the technology changed (?) but the purpose remained the same.

  3. I solve this problem by not using a smart phone which, if it's so smart, why does it tell on its owner?

    It's amazing the number of tech savvy college grads who think what they choose about themselves to put online or what they put online about other people is private. And people think they live in an enlightened age.