Thursday, January 21, 2021

About That "Patriot's Party"

Nothing weaker than someone in a position of power no longer in that position of power. Trump isn't even a major GOP donor.  And what's he done for the Proud Boys lately?

As Mr. Trump departed the White House on Wednesday, the Proud Boys, once among his staunchest supporters, have also started leaving his side. In dozens of conversations on social media sites like Gab and Telegram, members of the group have begun calling Mr. Trump a “shill” and “extraordinarily weak,” according to messages reviewed by The New York Times. They have also urged supporters to stop attending rallies and protests held for Mr. Trump or the Republican Party.


“When Trump told them that if he left office, America would fall into an abyss, they believed him,” Arieh Kovler, a political consultant and independent researcher in Israel who studies the far right, said of the Proud Boys. “Now that he has left office, they believe he has both surrendered and failed to do his patriotic duty.”

The shift raises questions about the strength of the support for Mr. Trump and suggests that pockets of his fan base are starting to fracture. Many of Mr. Trump’s fans still falsely believe he was deprived of office, but other far-right groups such as the Oath Keepers, America First and the Three Percenters have also started criticizing him in private Telegram channels, according to a review of messages.

🎶 "Turn out the liiiights, the party's over!" 🎶 

The whole "He was robbed!" argument won't get a political party started, much less sustain it.  And complaining is always easier than putting your shoulder to the wheel.  Resentment, it turns out, is a poor organizing principle.

Some Proud Boys now say in online posts that the group should “go dark” and retreat from political life by cutting its affiliation to any political party. They are encouraging one another to focus their energies on secessionist movements and local protests.

“To all demoralized Trump supporters: There is hope,” read one message in a Proud Boys Telegram channel on Wednesday. “There is an alternative. Abandon the GOP and the Dems.”

Yeah, that'll change reality:  just pretend it isn't there!  You can change government without a political party!

Lemme know how that works out....


  1. It will be kind of hard to get a secessionist movement going when they start out with easily 50% of the population thinking they're A-holes. Wimmin Haters Club is a sure flop just about everywhere.

    I want Gavin Mcinnes and Sebastian Gorka deported asap. And there are others who should be and declared persona non grata and put on no-fly lists.

  2. I loved the guy in Wyoming (state rep? Or just GOP state party official? Can't recall....) who claimed he was going to join the secessionist movement in Texas.

    The last group I know of actively advocating secession was mostly arrested/disbanded in the '90's. That guy probably still thinks we all ride horses wherever we go and have oil derricks in our backyards. Oh, and that all of Texas, from the Gulf Coast to the staked plains looks just like Monument Valley, where John Wayne made all his movies set "in Texas."