Friday, December 16, 2016

This is where we are....

Because the point Trump is making is that e-mails were released, and it's okay to read other people's e-mails.

There is still enough of an expectation of privacy in "snail mail" that if Wikileaks, or any other actor, were to release thousands of scanned letters onto the world wide web, I suspect there would be a scandal that personal mail was being spread out for the world to see.  The content might be alluring, but the idea of stealing people's mail, or just publishing it without their permission (the permission of both sender and receiver, IOW), would still be scandalous.

There are family members who tightly control the private letters of public figures when the latter are dead, and no one would expect a "hacker" to get digital copies of those letters and publish them with no repercussions for doing so.

Or imagine tapping the phones of the DNC, and releasing transcripts of all the phone conversations.  Would that be okay?  But e-mail is different.  When e-mails are released, we all congratulate the leaker (or at least look the other way).  We don't think, for a moment, about where that information came from, how it was acquired, whether it should be in the public domain.

Well, some of us do; but apparently the PEOTUS doesn't.  The "same cyberattack" was okay, because we learned that Donna Brazile cheated on behalf of Hillary.  See, no crime here!  Look at what was revealed!

Is it only a matter of time before stealing mail and tapping phones will be as acceptable?

Adding:  Already it's a meme!  What a coincidence!

A Republican congressman from New York was unfazed by reports that Russian-backed hackers sought to influence the election outcome and argued that emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and others were useful to voters because they revealed Democrats' “lies and deceit.”

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  1. It is amazing the extent to which Trump can get away with being a total idiot. If she'd given the Clinton campaign every question that would definitely come up, instead of a heads up that a question about Flint Mich. water might, there wouldn't have been any laws broken.

    The presidency of Donald Trump is a symptom of the corruption that is running rampant in the United States not an aberration. He is a product of our corrupt media, the corruption of the courts and the political establishment, the business establishment, a good part of organized religion(though there are parts of that which are entirely blameless).

    Putin didn't defeat a country that wasn't corrupted with lies and a total lack of interest in the difference between a lie and the truth, he used our corruption and many of the weaknesses of our system. I'll give him that, he was smarter than the judges, justices, politicians and media that played the game as he made it up.

    I'm not seeing much hope that any of them will learn from any of it. And I do blame the founders for a lot of it, though not all of it.