Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Agree To Disagree

Because there's always another way of looking at it. I agree that repeating Trump’s statements is problematic. But here I am doing it anyway. Besides, it's almost newsworthy: Gotta say I have a hard time getting worked up about what Deborah Birx did or didn't do. Maybe she didn't "sound the alarm," but Trump's behavior was surely alarming enough. If his conjectures about bleach and UV light, his blithe denial of the seriousness of the pandemic, were not enough, what would be? I still haven't heard anything since November 3rd about how the pandemic was being handled before January 20th that really surprised me.

I don’t want to repeat and/or amplify everything Trump says; but without the trappings of power and the authority of the office, it becomes clearer and clearer what a buffoon Trump is, and always was. It’s more and more frightening how we managed to let this superannuated child into that position.  All the clamor of his “supporters” since then is simply to cover their own actions and preserve their own desire for power. And this desire to find a scapegoat maybe covers our own shame and anguish. We are, in the end, the sovereign. No matter who works in the White House, we are, in the end, responsible. Maybe that’s the fatal American attraction of the British royal family: who elected them?

It’s the ultimate escape from responsibility.

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