Monday, March 22, 2021

When All Else Fails

....fall back on xenophobia.

Immigrants from Guatemala and other countries south of Mexico travel for months to reach the US border. How many of them, do you imagine, are watching international news to track presidential politics in America or what Presidents announce about immigration policy after they are inaugurated?  Much TV reception or internet connections in the desert, ya think?  Much time to watch the news when you’re trying to make your way on foot across Mexico, maybe another country or two on the way? And the fact is, families are sending their children to America in hope they will escape conditions back home.  Biden is following American policy and law on immigrant minors, something Trump did not do.  Romney, of course, can only think in terms of incentives.  He can’t seem to think in terms of what drives people to seek safety. Incentives may draw, but fears drive; and those fears have not been diminished in two months.

I’m not sure what Cornyn’s point is.  Apparently we’re supposed to erect an Iron Curtain (the wall was meant to curtail immigration into West Berlin) and stop all border crossings, and we shouldn’t treat immigrants and minor children...humanely?

Gov. Absent is just trying to cover his tracks:
I don't think anybody in Texas is really paying attention to the Governor. Mask wearing is not down appreciably, based on what I've seen and read.  I’ve been to Starbucks that are selling coffee but not allowing anyone to stay inside to drink.  Most stores are sill requiring basks and more police chiefs are going on local news to tell people criminal trespass charges are still an option.  All he's really done is annoy people. And the winter storm debacle still hangs over his head.  That’s not going away soon, no matter how many times he runs to the border.

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