Thursday, March 18, 2021

Far From The Heart Of Texas

Never heard this one, either, and if I had, I wouldn't connect it to "justice."

If we're gonna round up all the "bad guys," should we start with Chip Roy?
Because all Asians are...Chinese?

I promise you all Texans are not as stupid as this.  We just don't think much of D.C. (Yankees, ya know), and we send all the congenital idiots we can round up, there.

Hell, you think we want 'em down here?  Even Texas isn't big enough.

Although my theory doesn't mean some of us aren't offended by these clowns:


  1. Was McMurtry the model for Kesey' McMurphy? Lonesome Dove was code for Texas justice when I lived there in the early seventies.

  2. Watched a movie last night called Galveston. Well worth watching.

  3. Didn't realize until now that the widow of the now late Larry McMurtry was also the widow of the late Ken Kesey.