Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Context Is All

This is, as the kids say, "blowing up on Twitter." (I expected JMM to know better.)

If you listen to the clip, even the bit cut out of the entire press conference, it's pretty clear what's being said is a paraphrase of what the suspect said about his motives and his actions.  The officer isn't commenting on the suspect's "bad day," he's passing on information about what the suspect said about "why he did it" (which is always, rather ludicrously, the question the media always wants answered first).  Why is "motive" a ludicrous question, you ask. 

Reportedly the suspect also said his actions were not "racially motivated."  He will find his opinion is not binding on the prosecution, or on the courts.  Neither are the comments passed on by the sheriff's department to the press.

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