Monday, March 22, 2021

Dan Crenshaw Doesn’t Understand How Facts Work

In that portion of the interviews in the video, Hasan backs Crenshaw into a corner with the CBP statistic that 72% of migrants trying to cross the border without papers are deported.  Crenshaw finally accepts that, but says it means the border is still “open.”  Ignore the absurdity of that argument, because Crenshaw supplants it with this one. And of course there's the part of the interview where he tells FoxNews Biden has suspended deportations, and then tells Hasan he (Crenshaw) never said deportations had been suspended. So he stil insists deporatations have been suspended, while agreeing that 72% of immigrants are deported, but that makes the border "open." Hasan has statistics. Crenshaw has phone calls from a former CBP officer.  Purely anecdotal evidence for the win?

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  1. It's these kinds of lies a Democrat has to stomp down because they get traction no matter how false they are. Obama was too above it all to understand that, just as he was too arrogant to sell the ACA. We paid a huge price for Obama's self-perceived coolitude.