Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Why Doth Ted Cruz Rage?

The shooter in Boulder was a “law-abiding citizen.”  Until yesterday.  Now he’s charged with 10 counts of first degree murder.  And while the media waits breathlessly for word of a “motive,” the motive doesn’t change anything.  the law only regards intent, and the shooter made his intent clear yesterday.  that’s why he’s been charged with first-degree murder.  They have their case.

And we have 10 more dead people.  All because a guy had free access to guns.  But hey; he was a law-abiding citizen; until yesterday.  Now he can’t have access to guns.  And the only price we had to pay was 10 dead citizens.  Each with a family;friends; neighbors; loved ones.
Ted Cruz has nothing to say to them. He doesn't offer anything, either. Except that we should let this continue. Because the Constitution is a suicide pact. How else can we be free?

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