Friday, March 26, 2021

Which Meant The Board of Pardons and Paroles....

...had to vote to approve of those pardons. The Governor of Texas doesn't have the unitary power to pardon anybody.  (Even so, no praise for Gov. Goodhair; the pardons came after a judge threw out all the convictions, and the case was a national embarassment.)

So Cornyn got slapped twice for praising the officer who gave false testimony in the drug cases as "Lawman of the Year."  And then he got slapped around by the Federal government and Vanita Gupta, then a lawyer for the NAACP.  Fairly full but succinct details can be found here.

What's curious is why Cornyn wants to drag this up now.  Maybe he thought nobody would notice; maybe he thinks he's invisible and bulletproof, since he's just started a new six-year term, and who even knew the number 3 in the DOJ was a Senate-approved position?  Methinks Cornyn didn't think this would be the reaction, though.  It's not helping him to have this history brought up again because, frankly, he covered himself in stink 18 years ago.  What's the point of even mentioning that again?

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