Thursday, March 25, 2021

Of Puffballs and Eye Motes

I skipped it entirely, but now you don't have to! First up: And They Said It Couldn't Be Done! Nobody's connecting this to vaccines, but what other authority does the POTUS have over American public schools? Bipartisanmanship! Crisis on the border! Your move, Sen. Manchin: And Sen. McConnell: Announcing the death of a narrative unmourned: I think he's still talking to McConnell: "That's not where I am anymore, but ah yes, I remember it well!" And now, the reviews! Be careful what you wish for: And in conclusion: SO SAY WE ALL!


  1. After Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, callow and irresponsible and too impressed with his own coolitude while being too smart to be as dumb as both of them were, I'm finding that I love Biden's style. If he keeps on like this he may turn out to be a great president when I didn't expect it at all.

    1. Precisely the way I'm starting to think of him.