Saturday, March 20, 2021

The End Of Trump...

...has really unhinged some people.

Dare I conjecture this has something to do with the Duchess of Sussex being bi-racial? Or is it just that we have to protect both Putin and the monarchy from...America?

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  1. What a bizarre notion that the British monarchy was anything but something which literally every aspect of the development of democracy had to defeat to make progress. While, today, the financial class are the worse of it and a bigger danger, it's only on those few things which Elizabeth II has some sentimental notion about the commoners and the common good that there's been pushback as serious as they choose to make on some of it, indications that she preferred the Obamas to the Bush IIs or Trumps, perhaps, the very things the Heritage Foundation supports.
    Yeah, it's because MM is Black and the American fascists got nutthin'. If they think Chuck and Camilla are going to be able to pull it off, they are nuts. I doubt after him the Brits are going to be that big on continuing it, not if Randy Andy's exploits gain further exposure. And there will always be others.
    The Heritage Foundation, showing their Tory roots.