Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Even If I See It, I Won’t Believe It

And just like that, an object lesson in social media: This got enough attention on Twitter to merit an article on Raw Story.   The original tweet also garnered a number of responses.  But honestly, if it hadn’t started on Twitter, who would have noticed?  This isn’t exactly the kind of story that gets the attention of the media if it had only been a press release from a former Texas legislator nobody’s otherwise heard of.

Mike Lindell promises to allow all manner of cranks and crazies to post on his platform, and swears he’ll have the servers to support it.  He’s also famously and publicly delusional, so who knows?  But the real issue is:  who cares?  If a pin drops on Twitter it echoes ‘round the world (unless it’s Amazon execs taking on U.S. Senators over unions?); but if a tree falls on Parler, who hears it?  And then Lindell’s “Frank”?
He told Steve Bannon all of his evidence will go before the Supreme Court. Based on that, Trump will be back in office by August.

Yeah.  That’s how this works.  That’s how any of this works.

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  1. I'd have thought a more natural name would have been "Pillow Talk."
    We The People have the right for democracy to protect itself from undermining by lies. Our too-close for comfort and seemingly narrow escape from the Trump-Putin-Billionaire gangster attack on democracy using lies freely told with the blessing of the Supreme Court is hardly secure, it's a continuing attack on the possibility of egalitarian democracy.

    Things have got to change or democracy is doomed, the most reliable way to destroy that is by duping people with lies, the methods of con men and gangsters. Look how many people this sub-Batman villain, Pillow Man has gulled.