Monday, March 22, 2021

You Mean On “Meet the Press”....

Interviewees would the press?

I can remember David Brinkley on “This Week” grinning ferally as he unleashed Sam Donaldson on some poor victim.  Ah, dem was de days!

(And goddamn, I am old!)

Then we got the cult of Tim Russert, the darling of pundits for no discernible reason, but of politicians and “newsmakers” for very good reasons.  Chuck Todd is his bastard love-child.


  1. Chuck Todd was one of Brian Lamb's protegees on Washington Journal over at C-Span. Matt Drudge was another one.

  2. To this day he worships at the altar of Tim Russert. Who was no David Brinkley. Or Sam Donaldson, for that matter.