Thursday, March 25, 2021

When I Was Practicing Family Law

we reserved a specisl place in Hell: for fathers who wouldn’t pay their child support.  Courts were generally not impressed, either.


  1. I forget, is she the one he slipped an abortion drug to in a smoothie? I wonder how much the experience of becoming a single mother by one of the sleaziest liars in Trump world has taught her about the lives of unconnected, poor women who have children out of wedlock with scumbag adulterers.

    I can't but wonder why anyone would have an affair with that fat, weird bearded scumbag and all round sleaze but, then, looking at her resume, maybe she likes them that way.

    I saw in one of the pieces about this that he's admitted in legal filings to frequenting prostitutes and "Asian themed massage parlors." He's a total scumbag.

    1. And one of Trump’s closest advisers. But that’s repetitive.