Thursday, March 18, 2021

Well, It Is Still Lent

And Colorado, according to Politico contributor Nick Bowlin, has become Ground Zero in the meat battle as right-wingers rail against Democratic Gov. Jared Polis for declaring March 20 MeatOut Day in the western state.

Polis isn't demanding that Colorado residents give up meat entirely or even for a week. Rather, he is urging them to refrain from eating it for one day, and even that is a request — not a command. Restaurants in Colorado will still be free to sell beef, pork or chicken on March 20.

The really funny part is, my daughter lives in Colorado.  She tells me it's much harder to find good meat in the grocery stores than it is here in Texas.  We both wonder about that.

I have somewhere in my Lenten posts a passage from a writer who can recall his uncles all but swooning at the smell of lamb cooking on Easter Sunday, breaking the meatless fast of the 40 days of Lent.  Colorado isn't exactly known for the number of Catholics there (v. St. Louis, where I went to seminary.  It wasn't an accident St. Louis named their sports teams for the red birds.  It was a joke.  The reference was to the Catholic priests who gave their name to the bird.  I remember every Ash Wednesday it was unusual not to see someone with ashes on their forehead.  I imagine in Colorado they wouldn't know what to make of it.  Well, they wouldn't know in my East Texas hometown, either....).  I just wonder if conservatives ever heard of the idea of forgoing meat for Lent.

Something tells me they haven't.

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