Wednesday, March 17, 2021

I Understand Most Prison Inmates....

Say the same thing.

"Actually, when you hear the tape, you'd say 'Donald Trump could be the most honest person,'" said Trump in the phone call. "It was a beautiful and perfect statement."
Actually, I've only been involved in one criminal case in my life, representing a felon on a gun possession charge.  Even “representing” is overstating the case, as it was a matter of strict liability and he had no defense.  My representation involved entering his “guilty” plea before the court. I  couldn’t convince him that “possession” was not the same thing as “ownership.”  It was no defense that the gun wasn’t his (if it wasn’t).  It was in the car he was driving when he was pulled over.  That’s “possession.”

He didn’t say driving a car with a gun in the back seat was “beautiful and perfect.”  But he was taken from the courtroom insisting on his innocence all the way.

I’m kind of hopeful about seeing the same for Trump.  Soon.

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