Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gonna have to explain it to me....

Remington 750 semiautomatic hunting rifle. Remington's marketing material promises "super-fast cycling.... Rapid follow-ups are its specialty, but famed Remington one-shot accuracy comes standard."
The Boston bombers had guns and gunpowder and homemade bombs.   And lots of ammunition:

After more than 200 rounds were traded over several minutes, some officers were out of ammunition and charged the brothers’ position with their police car. The vehicle was disabled by gunfire from the Mercedes. Kitzenberg said he saw one of the shooters toss a metallic object — possibly a pressure-cooker bomb similar to the ones used in the marathon attack — in the direction of the police line. It rolled a few yards before detonating harmlessly.

Adam Lanza had a home arsenal.

The Aurora shooter was a one man army.  He left guns in his car he couldn't be bothered with carrying into the theater.

Every gun nut in America is convinced it is only their arsenal which keeps them safe from the other gun nuts.  But here's the question for the rest of us:

When are there enough guns that the gun nuts can save us
from the gun nuts?

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