Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Anarchy in the Hew Hess Hay

To hear the politicians tell it, this is the greatest existential threat to our existence since 9/11.

"This" being the latest thing, a "printable" gun.

But this story reminds me of the hippies of my youth, more than anything else.

Cody Wilson told Forbes Magazine that his goal with his printable plastic gun

is the dissolution of the U.S. government and governments around the world. He's an anarchist and a radical libertarian. And I think he sees this exercise of making a gun printable as kind of a demonstration of ways that the technology can circumvent the law, can circumvent -- to make the government irrelevant, until it just kind of disappears, or at least kind of he wants to carve out a kind of space where technology prevents the states' hands from controlling what people do.
First, Cody Wilson is a law school student at the University of Texas in Austin.  Yet he wants to dissolve governments.  After first taking full advantage of what they have to offer.  Including the internet, which was established by a government; and is maintained by power supplies made possible by governments; using industrial materials like plastics which are delivered to him through the good auspices of governments, which regulate or provide the means of access to plastics from the drilling rig that brings up the petroleum products to the refinery that turns that crude oil into something useful, to the chemical plants that render it into the plastics that make his gun "print," not to mention the mining concerns that produce the raw materials for the gunpowder, bullet casings, etc., etc., etc.  Oh, and the distribution systems that provide all those materials to Mr. Wilson, or you, or me; including but not limited to roads, police (to prevent theft), fire departments (to protect against hazards), and even public schools (to teach you how to develop things like plastic guns, or about the laws governing firearms) and public hospitals (to patch you together if the gun blows up in your face).

Oh, and at a quick glance, Cody Wilson both loves publicity, and first told his story to the BBC.  Yes, the government owned British Broadcasting Corporation.

In other words, Cody Wilson wants to destroy the very world that makes his printable gun possible, by printing a gun.

What a brave new world, that has such creatures in it.

Why does it remind me of the hippies?  Because they pretty much wanted to live in the world created before they were born without doing much more than taking advantage of the privileges given to them by the accident of their birth.

There weren't too many hippies born into poverty and rejoicing that they had not choice but to continue to live that way.  Not to bash hippies, but monks or the Amish they weren't.  No more than Cody Wilson is an anarchist.

He's just kind of an idiot.

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  1. The romantic regard with which anarchism is held by large numbers of people is one of the more serious mass delusions in our decadent intellectual class. Anyone who wants to see what results when anarchism has come close to reality can look at the most blighted and neglected places in cities where there is no effective governance or policing. When there is a vacuum of effective governance, the real Law of Nature takes over and it is a brutal, whimsical, bloody and homicidal rule by the strongest and most amoral, not what Emma Goldman and the other, ultimately silly, heroes of anarchists safely sitting in universities and among the middle to upper class neighborhoods that enjoy the benefits of effective government, those people who enjoy the highest level of policing available.

    I think with this we have passed the limits of the First Amendment in reality instead of in the abstract ruminations of legal scholars and judges looking to not get overturned by the Supremes, drawn from just the culture of legal scholarship at its most comfortable, least in danger, genteel and lofty, not to mention fully and rigorously protected, environs. Printable guns made of plastic will eventually be used against them but by the time they've learned lessons anyone trying to survive in an urban hell hole knew by the time they were in 3rd grade, it will be far too late.

    You can say what I said about judges about just about all "free speech absolutists" and these same anarchists who would likely get their asses shot off in the aftermath of anarchy where it is rule of the most violent, the most amoral, the most psychotic. It will be the intellectuals of hate talk radio who advise them, not those who peer review each other's affluent nonsense.