Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One is a genius, the other's insane

What do groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda and even Hamas want? They want to impose their religious views on the rest of humanity. They want stifle every freedom that decent, educated, secular people care about. This is not a trivial difference. And yet judging from the level of condemnation that Israel now receives, you would think the difference ran the other way.

This kind of confusion puts all of us in danger. This is the great story of our time. For the rest of our lives, and the lives of our children, we are going to be confronted by people who don’t want to live peacefully in a secular, pluralistic world, because they are desperate to get to Paradise, and they are willing to destroy the very possibility of human happiness along the way. The truth is, we are all living in Israel. It’s just that some of us haven’t realized it yet.
What does the villain want to do in every comic book I ever read?

Try to take over the world.

What does the villain want to do in almost every James Bond movie since "Dr. No."?

Try to take over the world.

"Whaddya want to do tonight, Brain?"

"Same thing we do every night, Pinky.  TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"

Sam Harris simply took his childhood too seriously.

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