Friday, July 25, 2014

Things I wonder about.....

There are three military bases within the city limits of San Antonio, Texas.  You can find the map showing their relative locations here.  One of those bases is identified as the headquarters of the 5th Army.

Camp Mabry, a former military depot and now headquarters for the Texas National Guard, is inside Austin, Texas.

If a foreign power had reason to attack any of these facilities, could they declare we had put them in civilian areas in order to create "human shields," and so any deaths of civilians were not the foreign power's fault?

Could they defend their attack as a "right" to exist and a "right" to defend themselves?

And who would listen?


  1. Excellent analogy. Big media, in the main, use Israeli-generated PR talking points in their news reports and rarely provide context or history of the Gaza side of the story.

  2. I'm sick of hearing about how compassionate Israel is in their military strikes, and how evil Hamas is for forcing Israel to create civilian casualties.

    Own your military power, or disown it. This "middle ground" is more disgusting than either of those alternatives.

  3. Indeed. Not all Palestinians are Hamas, and what about the innocents, the children? Our complicity is shameful, and we need to own that, too.

  4. I recall talking with my Rep's Leg Affairs guy in DC in '09, just before I went over. He was all, "but the Gazans elected Hamas." I reminded him that Bush was president at one point, but not everybody voted for him, and people do strangely counterproductive things in elections, especially when under duress. That cinched Welch's going over there in Ellison's delegation, and he became a much more pro-Palestinian vote (for what that's worth in Congress).

    The People have not been represented well by any of the leadership over there.