Monday, July 24, 2017

Just so we're clear who's in charge

And who, exactly, is Sessions "beleaguered" by? 
Somebody said to me the other day — I don’t want to say who — if the Russian actually hacked this situation and spilled out those emails, you would have never seen it. You would have never had any evidence of them. Meaning that they’re super confident in their deception skills and hacking,” Scaramucci said, adding, “How about it’s the president? He called me from Air Force One and basically said to me, ‘This is — maybe they did it, maybe they didn’t do it.'”

In a report later on Sunday, The New York Times explained the origin of the Russian hacker theory.

"But when Mr. Trump met Mr. Putin in Hamburg, Germany, two weeks ago, he did not utter similar suspicions, at least in public. In fact, he emerged to tell his aides that the Russian president had offered a compelling rejoinder: Moscow’s cyberoperators are so good at covert computer-network operations that if they had dipped into the Democratic National Committee’s systems, they would not have been caught."
A report from an intelligence analyst over the weekend averred that we are much better than the Russians and, besides, computers are designed to leave a record of what's done on them.  You are more likely to track down cyber-crimes than to track down a nurse who kills her patients and leaves no obvious clues.   All that stuff you see on TV about "bouncing" the "signal" around the internet so you can't find who is hacking you, is bafflegab, about as realistic as discussing the "angular confinement beam" on a "Star Trek" transporter.  Besides, who doubts we are as good as the Russians at this?

Donald Trump, for one; and he gets his information from an unimpeachable source; which just happens not to be a U.S. government source, but a Russian government one.  Yeah; somehow my suspicions about Putin's motives don't sound so much like a "Red Scare" to me (a child of the Cold War, I remember "Red Scares" back when it meant even wanting to read Das Kapital made you suspect).  Remember when Trump said it could have been some guy in Jersey in his pajamas?  Our Fearless Leader has that level of sophisticated understanding of this subject.

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