Friday, July 28, 2017

Where's my fork?

Yeah, but:

“This journey is not yet done,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced minutes after the vote went down in flames. “I believe Obamacare will be repealed.”

It's Ted Cruz; what do you expect him to say?  He's up for re-election in 2018.  Murkowski is up in 2022, I understand.  Or is that Capito?  Anyway:

“I believe that we can deliver still on health care,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), the chair of the influential, hardline Freedom Caucus, insisted to reporters on Friday. “To suggest that everything is over is not understanding the dynamics that are going on right now in the Senate.”

Oh, the Freedom Caucus, the Ted Cruz faction of the House.  IIRC, the House only passed any kind of repeal because the "moderates" were promised the Senate would "fix" it and cure what ailed 'em.  Of course, last night, the Senators were promised the House would "fix" what ailed the Senators.

And the Cruz plan?  Went down to healthy defeat in the Senate, IIRC.  And now John McCain has gone back to Arizona for cancer treatments.

I don't think Ted Cruz and Mark Meadows are going to be running the Congress anytime soon.  And Mitch McConnell is obviously the legislative equivalent of a turtle.  No, a real turtle.  He screwed this pooch so badly even John McCain was finally forced to vote, not just speechify about, his convictions.  That's world-class legislative malfeasance.

And Congressional approval is down to, what, 10%?  19%  And who's in charge of Congress?

The GOP can't go to the left of Obamacare:  that's single-payer.  They can't abandon Obamacare:  that's political and moral suicide (and some of the women of the GOP still have moral convictions, God bless 'em!).  They can't go to the right of what is essentially a Heritage Foundation plan:  that's Trump and Caligula.  They're in the round room and they're still lookin' for the corner to pee in.

Good luck with that.

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