Monday, July 31, 2017

Mick Mulvaney imagines he's in charge

Because the quickest way to the Senate's heart is through the sandbox ("You guys aren't total quitters, are you?")

“So in the White House’s view, they can’t move on in the Senate,” Mulvaney said. “They need to stay, they need to work, they need to pass something and I think that’s not only the official White House position on this right now, it’s sort of the national attitude towards it.”

Which nation is he talking about?  And in the White House's view, the Senate can't move on raising the debt ceiling, or on any appointments (but I thought the Democrats were causing that?), or anything, until they vote again on what they just voted on?

Yeah, it doesn't work that way.

BTW, Sen. McCain is back in Arizona  for cancer treatment.  How do you get to 50 now?  Is innumeracy contagious in this White House?  Does it trickle-down?

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