Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why didn't this play close out of town?

This is what happens when people who are not lawyers try to play one in the White House.

Josh Marshall notes Trump is exposing the rot in our system; he says this without naming names, and without praising Trump, but blaming him.  Mooch is not exactly an example of rot so much as of the kind of person Trump brings into government.  Pruett, Perry, and DeVos are three other examples.

The worst part is the number of people who will think, because Scaramucci said it, it must be true.  The same people who think, so long as there is no video of Trump handing a bulging bag with a huge dollar sign on it to a person who looks like a Russian (was it a bear?  or a Russian?  Read "The Circus of Dr. Lao" to find out), there is no crime.  We don' need no steenken' evidence!  We need proof!

Those are the people who think financial disclosure forms can be "leaked."  Heaven help us, we've got a lot of them.

Adding:  "Mooch" doesn't seem to understand the fish bowl he now works in:

“What I’m upset about is the process — and the junk pool, the dirty pool — in terms of the way this stuff is being done,” Scaramucci said. “I can’t have a couple of friends up from Fox & Friends, and Sean Hannity, who’s one of my closest friends, to dinner with the president and his first lady without it being leaked in seven minutes.”
How does he not understand that everything the President does is public information, unless it is specifically classified as a matter of law?

And the hits just keep on coming:

The clowns being in charge has stopped being amusing.  ("Woellert" is Lorraine Woellert, who reported the financial information on "Mooch" in Politico.)

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