Sunday, July 30, 2017

"The Pottery Barn Rule"

"You break it, you bought it."  Of course, announcing loudly that you are about to break it isn't usually part of this scenario, but nobody ever said he was very bright.

I mean, seriously:  this is not the way things get done:

“I think his attitude is this, and his attitude is pretty simple,” [Budget Director Mick] Mulvaney said. “What he’s saying is, look, if Obamacare is hurting people — and it is — then why shouldn’t it hurt insurance companies and more importantly perhaps for this discussion, members of Congress?”
Because the only time government should hurt people is when they are our enemies?

And on that note:

He's still on about the filibuster, apparently unaware that the "skinny repeal" failed by 1 vote (it needed at least 50, with Pence the tie-breaker), so "going to 51" has already been tried.

It failed.  So did Trump.

Maybe that's what's bothering him.


  1. I think pretty much everything with numbers bigger than his little fingers can stand for eludes him.

    Lindsay Graham and the worst of the Republicans in the House are trying to come up with something, now. Why would anyone believe that they're going to come up with anything that isn't depraved?

  2. For that matter, that will pass? Lindsay's idea is grants to the states to pay the insurance subsidies, so somehow ACA is saved and Trump can still say he didn't pay for it.

    Except how many Senators want to turn that money over to states like Texas, who will spend it on special sessions for bathroom bills? Yeah, I don't see that getting any more votes than "skinny repeal" and besides, McCain is out for the foreseeable future. Even Trump can't count that high, since he keeps demanding another vote and he'll never get past 49 at this point.