Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I'm not sure what it means.....

No, I'm still not quite sure what that means, either.  Maybe he's inviting us to one....

So in September, this happened:

California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra filed a lawsuit Wednesday alleging that President Trump’s proposal to expedite construction of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border violates laws aimed at protecting the environment.

The AG of California couldn't have been more clear about his intent:

Becerra announced the legal challenge standing in front of the existing border fencing at Border Field State Park near San Diego, saying the federal government failed to comply with federal environmental laws and relied on federal statutes that don’t authorize border wall projects in San Diego and Imperial counties.

Yesterday, the judge ruled against the state:

US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel has cleared one potential obstacle to President Donald Trump's long-promised border wall, ruling Tuesday that the administration has the authority to waive a host of environmental laws and other regulations to begin construction.

Curiel's 100-page order does not mean construction of the wall will begin immediately. Congress has yet to authorize or provide funding for any new wall to begin the project. Thus far, the Department of Homeland Security has built several prototypes in San Diego -- which was the focus of the lawsuit Curiel rejected.

Still, the ruling is a win for the administration as it seeks to get money to build its wall, a centerpiece of Trump's campaign. The President hailed the "big legal win" late Tuesday, tweeting that the "important project can go forward."

Yup, that's what Trump did alright:

Except, maybe not:
So:  we won?  Or does the President think petulance is leadership?  I guess the next step is to pull ICE out of California?  Because that whole oath to uphold the laws doesn't apply to punishing your political enemies, right?

"You know what, I'm thinking about doing it," Trump said at a roundtable with state and local officials to address ideas to stop gun violence in the wake of the Parkland school massacre. His comments came after he decried the state of law enforcement in the Golden State.

"We're getting no help from the state of California. Frankly, if I pulled our people from California, you would have a crime nest like you've never seen in California. All I'd have to do is say 'ICE, Border Patrol, leave California alone,'" he said during a listening session at the White House.

"You would see crime like nobody has ever seen crime in this country. And yet we get no help from the state of California. They are doing a lousy management job," he went on to say. "They have the highest taxes in the nation. And they don't know what's happening out there. Frankly it's a disgrace."

I guess the Border Patrol protects California, not the United States, and the President can decide which states deserve to have federal law enforced on their borders, and which don't?  Yeah, that could be a problem.

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