Thursday, February 22, 2018

Why Does The Media Keep Talking About This?

I presume the teachers would still have to buy the guns, just as they have to buy classroom supplies.  Sure, what teacher with a roomful of 5 year olds wouldn't want to keep a gun in a gun safe in the corner?

Of course, the teacher would have to supply the gun safe, too.  And pay for the training and the license to carry; but that's what the bonus is for.

Now, where is that bonus going to come from.....?

You really have to start thinking of the President as wholly irrelevant for any of this to make sense.


  1. Lawrence O'Donnell did a piece last night where he pointed out that this would require teachers to, essentially, take on a second job as a police officer for which they wouldn't be paid. He pointed out that most of the bullets police fire don't hit their target and in these scenarios, any missed bullets would likely go into a student or fellow teacher. He also pointed out that an armed teacher would likely risk being gunned down by the SWAT team when they got there. Not to mention no insurance company in the country would insure teachers against wrongful death suits in such a scenario.

    My teacher sister said, "Like I'm going to look in the eye of one of my former students and shoot him before he shot me?" Not to mention a whole series of other issues that O'Donnell didn't bring up.

    This is the stupidest idea of the myriad of stupid ideas these amoral liars put up to cover themselves with. That it originated, this time, with the ultra-sleazy Newt Gingrich isn't much of a surprise, though you could say the same about most people with an "R" after their name these days.

  2. Newt still wants us to put grade school kids to work as janitors so they can pay for their education.

    That Newt Gingrich is still allowed in polite company says more against American society than I can otherwise state.

    I don't know why they don't just go to the next logical extreme, and advocate arming all the kids. After all, the kids are certain to be there when the shooting starts, right?

    5 years olds have a right to bear arms! Even if they can't bear them at all!

  3. I've tried to wrap my head around my daughter going to school armed to teach her second grade class. Would it be a handgun? Where would she put the gun? I just can't...

  4. Trump proposes sending a human to Jupiter's Great Red Spot to search for alien life. Then cuts NASA's budget for human spaceflight.

  5. I think the problems would all be solved if teachers drove batmobiles.

    1. It would certainly make teaching more attractive.

  6. My wife says that my comment was too flippant. Probably so. But sometimes you gotta laugh just to keep from cryin'.

  7. It's the idea of arming teachers that's flippant. IMHO.